Closed Beta Majesty 2

    On the official website of the game, there was news that the acceptance of applications for participation in the closed beta testing of Majesty 2 begins. Starting July 9, players aged 18 and over with Russian citizenship will be able to try themselves as the ruler of a fabulous state.

    In order to become a participant in the beta test, you must send an application by email to until July 8, inclusive. In the subject line of the letter, it is necessary to indicate “Beta test”, and in the text - your name or nickname, age, citizenship, configuration of your computer and Internet access settings. The number of beta testers is, of course, limited.

    And this means that there is very little left to wait for the game.

    Who else for some reason is not familiar with Majesty, I tell you: this is a cult real-time fantasy strategy, where a system of indirect control by units is implemented. The player rebuilds a small settlement around his castle, builds guilds and temples, where he hires heroes. The player cannot control the heroes, only motivate. To do this, he has at his disposal two flags (and in the second part there will already be four) - the attack flag and the research flag. For example, to destroy a monster, a reward must be assigned to its head, i.e. place an attack flag with some gold on it. Each hero has his own character (a thief, for example, immediately runs after the award, and the monk is much less interested in money), the skillful study and combination of which is the player’s task. The game is interesting and addictive, moreover, it is not without humor.Wikipedia .

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