Do I need to manually process search results on the Internet?

    Each of us, I think, constantly googles. There are some tasks for which a cloud of time is spent searching for information. Of the last tasks that I have come across, you can, for example, note:
    • compiling a list of all online stores in Lithuania and Estonia, including tracking stores - clones and extracting contacts
    • compilation of a review of existing computer vision technologies, mainly realtime - identification of objects with a monocular camera, with a focus on embedded systems
    • overview of existing mod_php + mod_worker installations

    In carrying out these tasks, I just started dreaming of a man who would fulfill them for me.

    Background of the problem

    I think everyone recognizes that the search engine results are, in principle, a mess. Due to the search ranking on pr / tic / etc, in fact, professional, but not authoritative (read - not untwisted) resources hang around somewhere on the 5-6th pages of the results. Pre-processing the request (for example, realtime 3d object identification) helpfully palm off links from realtime linux to blender3d. Tungsten simplifies the situation a little, but its base is small. Plus, due to the general reprint of data, the first 50 links may generally point to the same resource.

    Let's dream

    Imagine that there is a service, (it’s Russian, I am able to speak somewhere in 6 languages, but it’s more convenient to perceive information in Russian), in which I leave a request with the following content:
    Find suppliers of GPS devices in Riga and the Riga region, for the purchase of a batch of 30 pieces. Find out contacts, discounts, speed of order execution, the possibility of after-sales service. Provide a brief overview of the proposed devices.

    ... I pay money for it, and in a day I get an answer, in the form of a pack of PDF, plates, etc. I read this information in 5-10 minutes and make a decision.

    Why not myself?

    Why not yourself, you say? Everything is simple - it is economic efficiency. My work day costs 70 euros. It took two days to compile a list of Lithuanian online stores, totaling the cost of such work in the region of 150 euros. I am ready to outsource it for 70-100 euros, as this will save me ~ 16 hours of work, and during this time I will do something more efficient and necessary.


    Now, in fact, what I wanted to ask the habro-people - do you need specialists or services that, for some money, armed with modern Data-Mining tools, will look for information for you? Indeed, in just a couple of months of the operation of such a service, the constructed associative database will be more complete and more detailed than the Google database and other search engines. Is everyone happy with the loss of time for googling?

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