Pocket Breathalyzer


    “Are you color blind, violinist? Can’t you distinguish green from orange? ”

    It is clear that it is better not to drink at all and it is also clear that it does not always work out. Well, let's say yesterday on Sunday we ... khe-khe, and today in the morning can I drive or better off the subway? Keyring Alcohol Breath Tester should help with the answer to this question. In order to find out how to get to work, in the morning it is enough to breathe into this keychain. If the green light is on - the level of alcohol in the blood is less than 5 ppm, if the yellow one is from 5 to 8 ppm - it is better to go by transport, well, and the red light means more than 8 ppm and a possible day off.

    The tester runs on two AAA batteries, measures 7x4x4 centimeters and is sold here for 8 English pounds.

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