Helvetica Curve in Opera under Ubuntu

    He lived with a similar problem for a long time, but today finally decided to fully understand what was the matter.

    It turned out that the problem is in the gsfonts-x11 package - you just need to remove it. I don’t remember that I installed it myself, so I assume that it is installed by default in the distribution box, which means that the problem is familiar to many. For example, fonts on opera.com look awful.

    The gsfonts-x11 package makes postscript fonts available in x11 by specifying official adobe names, such as adobe helvetica, as aliases. I assume that for the painless removal of this package, you need to install the appropriate TTF fonts, for example, take it from Windows. I had them installed earlier, so I don’t know what would happen without them.

    UPD Who did not help, in the comments they still advise:
    > you need to uncheck Enable Core X Fonts: opera: config # UserPrefs | EnableCoreXFonts

    PS I still have a problem on xkcd.com - it uses the Lucida font.
    The Opera version is 10 beta.

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