Grouping Blog Topics

    It will be about grouping topics from the blog into groups and subgroups.
    Surely many were faced with the problem of unsorting, when viewing a blog from the very beginning in search of a certain material - this takes a certain amount of time, and using a search does not always help.
    Warning - the meaning is different from the meaning of this topic .

    I suggest creating groups within the blog. For example, in the framework of the “I Migrate” blog, you can divide topics into groups by country: USA, New Zealand, Cuba, Thailand, Russia, etc. in the framework of the blog “Cascading Style Sheets” - into groups: CSS3, fix IE6, layout techniques, fonts, etc.

    How it will look live:

    In the same way, you can use subgroups in each group.

    The ability to fix groups and subgroups for the topic is to provide the topic author, moderator and administrator. Accordingly, when creating a topic, the author can immediately indicate his section and subsection from the list in the form of a normal drop-down menu (select).
    The list of groups is displayed only on the first page of the blog. You can also make a cross to close the list of groups for everyone who does not want to see the list of groups.

    I immediately enclose the layout of such a solution for everyone who wants to see the code.

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