Let me work!

    No, you misunderstood. I did not say “work.” I said work. The difference between these two words is huge! Giving a person work, you give him a salary. By letting him work, you give him the opportunity to work out this salary honestly. Honestly, to the fullest, as he can. Giving him the opportunity to squeeze out all the juices from himself, to devote himself completely, without a trace, to the whole mass of his professionalism. All the facets of their knowledge. Speaking of facets. If you place the nut in a cylindrical hole, there will be gaps between the nut and the wall. In order for the nut to occupy the entire volume of the hole, it must be placed in the same hexagonal hole. Or the walls of the hole should be resilient.

    There are people for whom their profession is only a way to make money. It's not bad. These people are also needed, many of them conscientiously carry out their work, they are diligent and punctual. These are IT Tajiks, doing what their boss A tells them. They deliver their projects on time. I knew a lot of such people. Everything is good when they work in their place, and once a month go to the cashier. It’s bad when they have ambitions. Sometimes, they remember how much they worked in this position and decide that it is time to become a boss. At least somehow. And what, and the salary is more, and work is less. And then they begin to take a new frontier. And they take it. They are diligent executive. These like the bosses.

    There are others. There are those who burn at work. Those who are not satisfied with simply completing a task. For them, the value is not the fact of the task, but the result. As an artist who is not enough to paint a picture. The picture should be beautiful. And each next should be more beautiful than the previous one. For such IT-artists, the time spent on the next task wasted in vain, if during this time they did not receive new knowledge. If the quality of their work has not become higher. If no new frontier has been taken during this time. These people cannot have ambitions. Ambition, this is their permanent state! But these ambitions are not always associated with a new position. They work for the result. For the sake of knowledge, for the sake of experience. Their ambitions are of a different kind. They need to be a Specialist. Yes, with a capital letter. Pros, Guru! An object of admiration and worship for less experienced colleagues. And there comes a time when their current work cannot satisfy their ambitions. They already know everything they can learn in this position. Each new task is already so trivial that it causes boredom. And at that moment they decide that it is time to change jobs.

    I have been in such situations more than once. Each time I am very grateful to my previous place of work, because there I was always able to take a new frontier. Somewhere they helped me comprehend the basics. Somewhere I first learned about MVC, somewhere I found out what 5 million hits a day are. Each place of work is associated with a certain new stage, a new step up the ladder of excellence. And every time I went away with the words “Sorry, I have nowhere else to grow here”

    I was understood. In words. But actually sighed with relief, because they got rid of the main troublemaker. It was he who constantly suggested introducing all sorts of obscure things like SVN, for some reason he thought that we needed some kind of strange MeVeTse, he cursed with scary words like ActiveKord and Singleton. It was he who prevented the employees from working, pestering them with stories about TaeDede. Well, he just didn’t work then? But IT Tajiks remained. And they were praised: "Well done, does not change work like gloves." And they finally waited until they opened a new department, and they were put at the head, or the boss quit, and took his place. Patient guys. Diligent.

    And I came to a new place. And with the greed of a hungry homeless person who got into the kitchen, he began to sort out new dishes, absorbing what he had not yet tried. New technologies, new knowledge, new approaches. Filling the whole space with itself, until it again became cramped, until your sparkling faces rested against the perfectly round and rigid walls of the cylindrical company. And it seems that there is still a lot of space, but it cannot be filled.

    And I thought, well, let's file it here, grind it, cut it here ... let's! "Works? Do not touch anything! ”- the answer sounds. Because your bosses are yesterday’s IT Tajiks. They are paid a salary, which means that everything is fine, that means there is no reason for concern, that means no better. Suddenly, they will not notice this, and will not raise their salaries. And then what's the point? What if it gets worse? God forbid! Works? Do not touch anything!

    And to look for more and more “cylinders”, of a larger size, is becoming more and more difficult. They are firmly cemented by IT foremen, former IT Tajiks. Clutching at his place with a dead grip. They are diligent, they are not in danger. The main thing is not to show what is better. What can be better and faster. The main thing is that everyone would think that the cylinder is ideal.

    And again it remains only to come to work and receive money. Nowhere to work. The walls of the cylinder interfere.

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