Microprocessor in each pool

    The military does not abandon attempts to create a weapon that would solve one of the most important tasks in battle - defeat an enemy who is not in direct line of sight, but is sitting in a trench or hiding around a corner.

    Another ingenious device was invented by Alliant Techsystems engineers commissioned by the US Army: this is a 25-mm rifle XM25, in which each bullet is equipped with a microprocessor, radio and electromagnetic sensor. On the radio, the bullet receives information about the number of meters that it needs to fly. And with the help of an electromagnetic sensor, it counts the number of revolutions made around its axis in the electromagnetic field of the Earth. Calculating the distance by the number of revolutions and detonating at the right time is already a trivial task.

    The cost of each bullet with a microprocessor is about $ 25.

    Field tests of the new rifle will take place in the very near future in Iraq or Afghanistan, and if successful, their delivery to the XM25 will begin in 2012.

    Unfortunately, the invention of Alliant Techsystems is patented , so the Russian army has no right to implement such technologies in its weapons, because it violates international copyright agreements.

    via New Scientist

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