Localization legacy


    When once again I climbed into the pantry and a heap larger than me began to creep menacingly in my direction, I realized it was time to throw something away. As a result, artifacts were revealed that had not seen the light for many years.
    Photo report inside.

    This is just a little from that heap of cans with disks that happened to process in the past. A strange sensation arises when you see all this. Each disc evokes seemingly completely forgotten details and memories of a particular game. Each game had some kind of zest, or a surprise that had to be thoroughly worked on before ordinary users could use the translated version. As if by a time machine, you return to those events.
    I’m sitting here and now I think what to do. It’s a pity to throw it away ... Maybe everything will be digital and make an online archive of old toys? I think it's hard to find a lot of it now, even if I want to.


    And here is the old prefix, SEGA Dreamcast, which caused a shock at the first acquaintance - the graphics were so cool at that time. Somewhere else, a couple of disks are lying. I’ll probably find it and try to run it - all of a sudden and now the graphics will look good?

    SEGA Dreamcast

    Sony Playstation 2. Probably the most popular console of all time in recent years. Although I am sure that the owners of Nintendo GameBoy will be against such a statement. And yet, almost 10 years in the market is a serious period.

    Playstation 2

    Just a couple of years before the release of Playstation 3, a lightweight console model was released - the Slim version. Much smaller and several times less in weight than the previous model. In addition, the developers were somewhat wise with the firmware, so some games did not want to work properly on this model. I had to suffer and check that localized games worked both on the old model and on the new one.

    Playstation 2 slim

    Here they are. What is called, feel the difference.

    Playstation 2

    The drum roll ... The first Xbox. Or as it is also called the X-box. For some reason I remembered when I had a chance to communicate with foreigners, they point blank did not understand our pronunciation of “X-Box”, and their “Ex-Box” somehow did not like us. In fact, a regular PC with a video card from Nvidia such as GeForce 4 and a processor of 700 MHz (if my memory does not fail). But due to the fact that the games were tailored "for iron" - everything flew and gave a very, very good level of graphics.


    I think many will find rarities of the gaming era of past years in a closet or somewhere under a bed. Can try to make a virtual museum? Although there is probably something like that already. It will be necessary to search. But if not, then the idea has the right to life.

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