Free Skype Vouchers (0.51 €) Ukraine

    Skype’s free vouchers, checked personally, go to the site and in the upper left window of “30 free conversations”, enter your number (for Ukraine for sure) and you will receive a voucher code of 0.51 Euro (send SMS to two of your numbers, replenish Skype by 1, 02Euro) if you have a currency in dollars then there will be a conversion!

    PS I don’t even know where to transfer it?

    How to use Skype gift voucher

    1. In the Skype application on your computer, select the “Account ..” menu in the Skype menu
    2. In the window that opens, in the “VOUCHER” section, click on the “USE VOUCHER” link
    3. Enter the 16-digit voucher code from SMS in the appropriate field, confirm that you agree to the service rules and click "Activate voucher or prepaid card"
    4. Your account will be instantly replenished with 0.51 Euro * for calls to landlines and mobile phones worldwide
    * If your account is in a different currency, Skype will convert 0.51 Euros into the account currency of your Skype account at the Skype rate.

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