Opera 10 beta :: What's New?

    As the habroiser has long known, the new Opera browser build has been released: 4402 beta 1. What’s new, I tried to find out. It turned out that I didn’t find as many as I wanted, but here’s what I managed to find out.


    To begin with we measure ourselves. The file size compared to the stable version 9.64 is very different:

    opera_9.64.2480.gcc4.qt3_i386.deb: 8 779 672 bytes
    opera_10.00.4402.gcc4.qt3_i386.deb: 6 944 146 bytes

    As you can see, the difference is slightly less than 2 megabytes. Maybe, of course, I don’t know something, but Opera lost weight, and it’s nice.


    In the last release that I downloaded before beta, turbo was available separately and was called Opera Turbo. Moreover, in the version of the "turbo" errors were found that did not allow comfortable use of the browser. Now "turbo" is included in the beta version.
    What kind of beast is this turbo?
    A new feature, fastest browser on Earth (the fastest browser on Earth) *, will compress traffic, which should speed up page loading. But not necessarily. On fast channels, this feature will not be noticeable. And it will help the happy owners of slow Internet and limited office Internet ("turba" displays how much traffic is saved).

    Updated Tabs

    According to the resource lurkmore.ru: "Opera is the inspiration for the creators of Internet Explorer."
    What, it would seem, can still be invented with tabs? But this time too, a surprise awaits us: if you drag down the slider for changing the size of the panel with tabs, then instead of tabs, site images will appear. Not everyone will like the new product, so whoever doesn’t appreciate it, turn it off here: opera: config # UserPrefs | UseThumbnailsInsideTabs (thanks Tishka17)

    Speed ​​Dial

    Previously, to increase the number of favorite sites displayed in this tool, you had to edit the configuration file. Personally, I successfully forgot the name and location of this file all the time :-) Now there is a magic button “Configure Speed ​​Dial”, which will help to set the desired matrix size.

    Opera Presto 2.2 An
    optimized engine that, according to manufacturers, will speed up the browser 40% faster than before. Opera still passes the Acid3 test. Added support for RGBA / HSLA colors and improved SVG generation. I didn’t personally check it, but in older versions large pictures were generated prohibitively long, consuming all resources.

    When writing the last article, a lot of mistakes were made. This time the new opera beats with a built-in spell checker. This is perhaps the only thing I missed in this browser. In other matters, the spell checker appeared in alpha.


    Updated auto-update mechanism. In previous versions of the browser, the update worked very mediocre, unlike fireside. The developers claim that the update mechanism will be fully automatic. We are waiting for the new version to see for yourself :)

    Error report (where would you go without it)

    Developers write that Opera is designed to restart the browser and restore windows in the event of a failure. And now in addition to everything, it is possible to easily and quickly send a bug report to make the browser even better.

    - * fastest browser on Earth - Opera browser tagline

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