Two fresh Symfony books released

    Just yesterday I discovered the news from Fabien Potencier that the second edition of the book on the Symfony 1.2 PHP framework and the book The symfony 1.2 Reference Guide were published.
    Books, as usual, are available for both ORM Propel and Doctrine.

    Read the full news here .

    Practical symfony 1.2 - second edition
    Available on Amazon:
    Practical symfony 1.2 for Doctrine - second edition
    Practical symfony 1.2 for Propel - second edition

    Or read online:

    Well, of course, download the PDF:

    The symfony 1.2 Reference Guide
    Only a few chapters are available from this book online so far, as promised by the developers, it will appear completely in about a month, after the printed version is released.

    In the meantime, only:
    The settings.yml Configuration File
    The factories.yml Configuration File

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