Inaccessibility of foreign Internet resources from Corbina

    Currently, I have problems from Corbina and Beeline accessing the Internet on foreign services. (google, twitter, youtube, etc. including horse DNS server)
    habrahabr itself can slow down, because there is a survey of third-party resources to which access is difficult

    It seems that they have something with the channel that is going on at work I don’t know her.
    In general, Good morning Moscow!

    Official information:
    2009-05-29 08:22 there were problems on the Corbina telecom network

    Problems affect:
    Access to leased lines

    Estimated completion time - 2009-05-29 12:00

    We inform you that at 08:22 (Moscow time) an accident occurred on the optical network of our partner in the region of the city of Helsinki in Finland, and therefore foreign Internet resources are unavailable.

    UP: I’ll get through to Corbina specialists, a great thing -_-
    UP1: According to friends, not only Corbina has a problem, you can see somewhere an accident on the highway.
    UP2: At the moment, it seems like everything works (Although there are interruptions). As expected, the problem is on the highway.

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