Extension for Firefox :: Habra comment editor

    I am pleased to present to your attention my first extension for Firefox - Habrahabr Comment Editor.



    Firefox: 3.0 - 3.5


    The extension adds edit buttons to the comment input field.
    Able to frame the text selected in the comment field in the following tags (support for "hot" keys is implemented):
    Button Hotkey Result
    B ctrl + B <strong> text </strong>
    I ctrl + I <i> text </i>
    U ctrl + U <u> text </u>
    Quote ctrl + Q <blockquote> text </blockquote>

    And also you can insert pictures ( IMG button , hotkey ctrl + P ) and links ( URL button , hotkey ctrl + L ) with just one click! Only today for 9.99!

    You can download the whole thing from here or directly from here .

    Future plans

    • Add more tags
    • Make a settings menu through which you can configure the display of only the necessary buttons
    • Add parsing emoticons (for all comments)
    • And maybe implement something like a WYSIWYG editor

    Of course, I will be glad to hear additions and criticism in the comments :)

    UPD. At the request of the Khabrovsk residents, the <blockquote> tag was added . Implementation so far only in the form of one more button Quote (and hotkey ctrl + Q ). The updated version is available at the links above. The upgrade process is the same as the installation process - the old version will simply be replaced with the new one.

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