How to make favicon in png

    You know, favicon in ico is somehow the last century =) Let's be fashionable, modern and all that. In short, we take the icon in png (yes, with transparency and all things), save it in the size of 16 × 16, on the site (in the block, yeah) we connect like this: Especially under the impression of the owners of iPhones and more precisely, because for them we make a beautiful icon 57 × 57 in size (it’s possible by the way and more, but this is the standard size of the icon on the lunch screen), connecting it like this: The spirit of an almost rotten corpse IE6 hovers over the record, which does not know what it is all about Well, yes and figs with him =) That's all, come out. UPD : Thanks to NickyX3 for an interesting clarification:

    The author forgot to indicate that the icon for the springboard of tachi and apple-trees will be rounded in the corners in this version and the highlight will be automatically applied to it by the device itself. To avoid this (a very beautiful custom icon), instead of apple-touch-icon, write apple-touch-icon-precomposed.

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