How to get to heaven

    A man with a dog walked along a long, wild, tiresome road. He walked, walked, tired, the dog was tired too. Suddenly in front of him is an oasis! Beautiful gates, behind the fence - music, flowers, the murmur of a stream, in a word, relaxation.

    - What it is? The traveler asked the gatekeeper.
    “This is paradise, you have already died, and now you can enter and relax for real.”
    “Is there water there?”
    - As many as you want: clean fountains, cool pools ...
    - And will they give you food?
    - Whatever you want.
    “But the dog is with me.”
    “Sorry, sir, you can't do with dogs.” She will have to be left here.

    And the traveler walked by. After some time, the road led him to the farm. The gatekeeper also sat at the gate.

    “I'm thirsty,” the traveler asked.
    - Come in, there is a well in the yard.
    - And my dog?
    - Near the well you will see a drinking bowl.
    - What to eat?
    “I can treat you to dinner.”
    - And the dog?
    - There is a bone.
    “What is this place?”
    - It is a paradise.
    - How so? The gatekeeper at the palace nearby told me that heaven is there.
    “He's lying.” There is hell.
    “How can you endure this in paradise?”
    - This is very useful for us. Only those who do not abandon their friends reach heaven.
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