Free shopping cart for expressionEngine

    Recently, the task arose of creating an online store on ExpressionEngine. In general, everything was clear, everything was familiar, all the necessary modules and plugins were already in my head ... except for the basket. After a brief and unsuccessful search for the right plug-in, I decided to write my own, and at the same time share it with you ... maybe someone will come in handy.

    Main functions

    • Display link "Buy"
    • Display a list of goods in the basket with the name, price, quantity, amount (number * price), a link to delete the goods from the basket, the total amount of all goods in the basket, and the total number of goods in the basket.
    • The output of the basket editing form, i.e. changing the number of goods in the basket (input), removing the goods from the basket (checkbox) plus all the functions of the previous paragraph

    This is only a beta version, so report all bugs in the comments, here or on my site. Also, if something is incomprehensible for use - write, I will explain everything.

    Documentation and the module itself

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