The project "The right driver." Question answer. Part 2

    Hello. Silent for a long time, I'm sorry - I wound up. In a previous post about the “ Right Driver ” I answered questions with “arrivals”. Today I will try to answer the questions “in essence”. There were a lot of questions, I identified 5 main ones:

    Are you planning your project in Russia, in particular in Moscow?

    Yes, of course I plan. Sure! At the same time, I’ll try to open “branches” in other countries neighboring Belarus. Negotiations are with Lithuanians, Russians and Ukrainians. Unfortunately, not active enough. For me, this is the first project of this kind, therefore, perhaps, there are my "schools."

    Taking this opportunity, I want to make an offer to everyone interested in the localization of the project. Friends, I will give the design, engine, content, domain, etc. In a word, everything that is necessary for a normal start. You will need to organize a team to support the project. Well, there will be one more condition, which I will voice in personal correspondence.

    Has the traffic police itself decided to support such a "scandalous" project?

    Is he scandalous? In my opinion, everything is within reason. Of course, there is a little “on the edge” - the project should be “with a pepper” in the headings. Otherwise, we are calm and reasonable, educative and educational.

    Naturally, the GAI itself did not dare to support it. I had to go around offices and convince people in uniform. And by the way, precisely because of the biting headlines (I'm a freak, I'm a ram, I'm a fool, etc.) I did not receive full official support for the project. We have to be content with the "informational" :) At least for now.

    About the rules of conduct when communicating with the traffic police inspector (GAI), driver’s rights, and inspector’s rights. How to competently defend your point of view.

    In the plans. There will be such a section. And a lot of useful and necessary sections. So far, unfortunately, not enough time for everything. Soon several subprojects will appear on the site. A bit scandalous, but at the same time, I hope, resonant and topical.

    Hmm, do you think that you can somehow turn the tide on the roads and teach drivers how to behave?

    I am 100% sure. Sure! Not immediately, this is understandable, but gradually. I myself try to behave correctly on the road. And you know, I see that the drivers around me have become a little more polite.

    It is important to start and start with yourself. Let it change, park as a human being, do not cut unnecessarily, blink headlights or emergency gang. Give it a try. And then it all “spins” itself and you will see that the ride has become much easier and more enjoyable :)

    You are mega-youths! There are little things, but the idea and direction of implementation is extremely true! Good luck

    Thanks :) we are trying.

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