The creators of nginx, My Circle, 1C-Bitrix and many others - watch the video

    Indeed, Igor Sysoev - the author of nginx, Dmitry Koterov - one of the founders of My Circle, Sergey Ryzhikov - the CEO of 1C-Bitrix and many others participated in the ReMIX09 conference , which was held in late April in Moscow.
    If you have not been to the event and have not watched the live broadcast, you can do it now - all materials are available. They can be viewed from the page , they can be downloaded, as well as presentations.
    I also recommend watching the plenary report , which in one place contains the most interesting examples of using Microsoft web technologies right now and in Russia.
    And of courseSpeech by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and his discussion with Mail.Ru CEO Dmitry Grishin.

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