Visa Test Credit Cards with LCD

    imageApparently having seen enough of Visualization 2019 , Visa, together with leading banks, began testing Visa plastic cards with a liquid crystal display, on which one-time session codes for card transactions are generated. The new cards, developed in collaboration with the Australian company Emue Technologies , are much more reliable, although they cannot be called infallible.

    Credit cards are equipped with a 12-button keyboard and eight-digit indicator. The built-in battery provides up to four years of battery life. In order to use it, the owner just needs to enter the PIN code from the keyboard, as a result of which a one-time code is generated, which will be displayed on the display. This code can be used to pay for purchases on the Internet and other online transactions.

    According to the developers, such a scheme will increase the security level of CNP transactions (online operations)

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