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    Being the owner of the Apple iPhone and, moreover, a podcast, I often wondered why there is no program for my favorite phone that allows me to record and publish podcasts in a couple of clicks. The technical capabilities of the device allow this, but I have not met a worthy implementation of such an idea. Up to this day. I present to you AudioBoo!

    First, consider a program that can be downloaded from the App Store for free. It is called, you guessed it, AudioBoo and is a nimble and very simple thing with three tabs. This is what AudioBoo looks like after launch:

    This is a list of the latest downloaded audio files, or Boos in local terminology (call them "buoys" hand does not raise hand). The program can determine the coordinates of the recording location, so the city and country are indicated on almost every buoy (well, it fell off!). You can listen to the sound with one click on the photo, which you can also select for an episode of your mobile podcast. Actually, in addition to the name, tags, photos and coordinates, nothing can be added to the sound, which makes AudioBoo an ideal tool for nanopodcasting . The second tab allows you to record and arrange a podcast before sending it to the server. The third tab allows you to create and connect a free account for the service.

    Everything is very simple and clear. The most interesting thing begins after publication. After about 20 minutes from clicking the Publish button in the program, an audio recording with a photo and a red flag on the map pointing to my house appeared on my page on . If you do not go far, then the sound quality can be appreciated right here!

    There are some settings on the site: you can connect your account on Twitter and Facebook, and your followers and friends will be notified about each new buoy from you !


    Of course, all issues of your podcast will be collected in a single feed on your profile and there is an RSS feed. In addition, you can follow the interesting tapes, that is, subscribe, and each episode can be evaluated with a plus or minus sign (apparently, “Yeeeah!” And “Booo!”).

    That's all! Minimalistic and young, AudioBoo has the opportunity to become a bastion of mobile podcasting!

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