Linux: We accustom Time Machine to the home server

    I set myself the task - to backup my iMac using Time Machine to a home server under Gentoo

    emerge net-fs / netatalk
    nano /etc/netatalk/netatalk.conf nano /etc/netatalk/afpd.conf nano /etc/netatalk/AppleVolumes.default / etc / init.d / atalk start tail / var / log / messages (see if there are any errors) rc-update add atalk default (add to autoload) I didn’t bother with setting Avahi to raise Bonjour (this infection wants too much with us), so go to MacOS setup. Check if everything works. Finder - Go - afp: // server / TimeMachine after entering the name / password everything should be mounted properly
    Оставляем только нужное

    в конце файла дописываем
    - -noddp -advertise_ssh

    в конце файла дописываем шары
    /mnt/sdb/TimeMachine TimeMachine allow:@users
    (точка монтирования - имя - пользователи)

    further, the capsule itself does not want to work normally, therefore we force it with handles, open the console and write:
    hdiutil create -size 160g -fs HFS + J -volname “TimeMachine” name_max_compa_max_address_max_com_name.sparsebundle
    in response we get:
    created: / Users / username_name_3033 .sparsebundle
    cp -r /Users/username/ machine_name_001ec20a3330.sparsebundle /Volumes/TimeMachine/ machine_name_001ec20a3330.sparsebundle
    and close the terminal

    now everything should work fine, I’m sitting in it uploading 106GB :)

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