Startups during the crisis

    Yesterday, in a conversation with Alex (, the topic of startups surfaced during the crisis.
    Our opinions are divided.
    I am optimistic about this business, and Alex is quite the opposite.
    Actually, this arrangement of accents is understandable.
    For Alex is a professional, geek, there is the experience of real startups and so on.
    I am a new person in this thread. Kettle.
    A teapot is an optimist by definition.

    Nevertheless, it seems to me that not everything is so bad in the field of startups in the RU zone, even despite the crisis.
    That is, it’s bad of course that there is less money.
    That many familiar areas of earnings shrink.
    But ...
    As in any crisis, by definition, new opportunities should open up, new markets.
    For there is a new demand.
    And in this regard, I have a question for respected Habralyudy.
    What do you think, how does the crisis affect startup opportunities?
    What adjustments does it make?


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