256 GB SSD

    SSD SSDs have already gained popularity, but are mostly used in small gadgets like MID, cameras, netbooks, etc.
    You can connect SSD to PC for a long time. Several varieties of connecting drives via PCIExpress were implemented, and on such a platform it was possible to assemble a system with more than a terabyte of memory on board (that's just the price of such luxury is quite high). But capacious SATA SSDs are not so widespread yet, apparently because Corsair decided to release just such.
    Storage Solutions P256 can store up to 256GB of data. Its filling is mainly from Samsung: flash memory Samsung MLC, Samsung Controller IC. 128 megabytes of cache memory and the ability to write / read at speeds of 200/220 megabytes per second should satisfy the needs of modern lovers of powerful systems.

    If you wish, of course, you can install this drive into a laptop (2.5 ″ form factor allows this). In this case, the gain will be not only in speed, but also in duration, since the drive consumes less power than the HDD. Sale P256 for $ 329.99 on Amazon for example.
    Corsair Solid State Disk Drives

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