Apple intends to buy Twitter?

    Apple intends to buy Twitter’s microblogging service for $ 700 million, ValleyWag reports citing information from its own sources.
    According to ValleyWag, Apple and Twitter are currently under negotiation. If they succeed, then the purchase of Twitter will be announced at the beginning of June at the Worldwide Developers Conference held annually by Apple ...
    It is especially interesting to read after the article on Habr: "Twitter and poppy - together forever . "
    Earlier, leaks about the intention to buy Twitter by Google for $ 250 million or Facebook for $ 500 million were popped up ...

    Taken from “Journalists learned about Apple’s intention to buy Twitter .
    Read more:“Could Apple Buy Twitter?”

    PS: I would really like a wide discussion of this news, but for this I would have to put a topic on the “Apple” blog , and for lack of sufficient karma I publish it here.
    UPD: Thanks for the karma, moved to the right blog :)

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