How to Promote Licensed Game Sales

    The moral of this post will be this: place where there are no your competitors.

    Imagine that you are the owner of an online store of multimedia discs: games, movies, music, etc. Imagine also that you run advertising in the gaming direction (more profitable than selling music CDs). Where will you be advertised, besides the obvious sites: search, gaming forums, magazine publishing sites, gaming sites, price aggregators? What are the unobvious rewards for advertising?

    Varezny sites, I will prompt you. And here is an example for you , I did not go far, especially since there are no advertisements on other warehouses. I will tell you how to lure a client.

    On the one hand, it’s stupid to advertise on a warez site where games are offered for free. BUT! there are very significant BUT.

    The first “BUT". If the game came out recently, then the tablets (cracks) for the game are often very clumsy, it’s hard to install. In a word, to download and install the game - the hemorrhoid is still one. And so I want to play a new, long-awaited toy.

    The second “BUT". Favorite old toy, even with an already normal crack, can work very clumsily. Illiterate translation and a bunch of other imperfections of a cracked game.

    Third “BUT". Cracks are those dangerous things that are not known what they do on your computer. And let the antivirus be silent, but there is no 100% guarantee that running crack.exe does not have a “miracle” on your computer.

    As always, advertising is a manipulation. Our business is to manipulate.


    We work with the first “BUT". Advertising slogan: “For half an hour I’m hemorrhaging a crack? Buy a license, installation in 2 minutes, and the cost of one visit to the bar with friends. ”

    Thoughts of a gamer: “I’ve been waiting for a toy for six months and stop at installing it. AAA !!! damn, there is not enough evil. Already ready for anything to finally launch the game. ”

    The gamer runs back to the site, looking for an answer in the comments, which are usually full of similar questions. And here is our banner! Impulsivity and emotions will play their part.

    We work in the open “BUT”. Poor translation, game glitches, etc. strongly irritate. Gamers with experience know this very well. Therefore, your second banner: “A pleasant game process is the result of a quality translation. Buy a license ”or something like that.

    We work with the third “BUT". “Cracking can seriously harm your computer; buy clean licenses.” Many players will not believe this, your task is to convince them of this. An uncomplicated inscription under the announcement of the game, such as: “the owners of the service do not bear responsibility for the consequences of downloading these files,” will also add fuel to the fire.

    It is important to remember that potential customers download the game, and depending on how well the installation went and didn’t turn off the game process, they go back to the same page.

    This means:

    1. Repeated contact may not occur. Therefore, you may have to forge while it is hot. Because of this, advertising slogans and information must respond to a one-time contact.

    2. The probability of returning to the same page is very high (I saw a bit of gamers who have everything installed the first time). Here, the advertising slogan will work better if you play on the emotions that have arisen returning after the failure of the gamer.

    An alternative to the banners

    In addition to the banner in the right section, there is another way of advertising. Launch an affiliate program, offer owners warez. Tell me your ideas for improving conversion. And the webmasters reach for you. You will see how the buttons and links “buy for 300 rubles.” Next to the names of the games will multiply.

    A case study from

    Steve Cone, in his book, “Steal these ideas. Secrets of marketing that professionals would like to hide from you ”gave one interesting example.

    One engineering company that produces components and equipment has been advertising in the same place for many years.

    The advertising agency chose a specific newspaper (magazine) for the company, which covered their audience and advertised the client not on the pages of articles, reviews, among numerous competitors, but at the very end, where there was a crossword puzzle. The advertisers of the enterprise were guided by the idea that most engineers — people who are diligent, meticulous — are lovers of crosswords, and since competitors are not placed on such dubious pages, and solving the crossword is accompanied by a “gliding” eye across the page, that is, a chance that most engineers will pay attention to advertising.

    According to Steve, the company was advertised in this way for many years - so the result was.

    PS Another article written using the technique of “inverted crossbar. What say That's better?

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