Housewarming Evernote

    The release of the Russian version of Evernote in early April coincided with the relocation of the California headquarters of our company from the old and long-serving office in the wonderful city of Sunnyvale. However, we did not move to Russia, but to another notorious town of Silicon Valley Mountain View . The reason was that many employees get to the new office much easier, it is a stone's throw from the train station linking Mountain View with San Francisco. In a month, we managed to unpack almost all things, make sure that the new office is wider and brighter, get acquainted with the sights (the role of which are the headquarters of IT corporations) - in general, we more or less settled in a new place.

    Since we still did not have time to move away from the feeling of festive novelty, we ventured to share with the population of Habrahabr several photos of the newly made second (and for many, perhaps, the main) house.

    A room for meetings and a board with leaflets on which all sorts of tasks are written for the near future. This is the only place we use stickers, for everything else there is Evernote. :) There are no rooms - there is one big space. You know, that same notorious “garage” with which it is customary to begin the history of any promising IT company. We, however, are somewhat more spacious. However, it seems that we managed to somehow segment this space and yet give everyone the desired piece of personal space.

    Since one of the walls is glass, the view of the adjacent lawn and neighbors is simply excellent. And in our neighbors, by the way, there are companies such as Eye-Fi and FriendFeed . And of course, the most beloved (in my case - because of the coffee machine) part of the office. There are many nice restaurants nearby, which we sometimes go to for lunch or after work as an entire office. Additional photos can be seen in our public notebook .

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