RIFOKIB or aluminum accompaniment

    Since RIF + CIB is an event for and for developers, I talk about it here .

    Everyone viedly summarize the results of the “United Conference-2009” (among the people of RIFoKIB), which took place at the Lesniy Dali boarding house from April 21 to 24. Journalists revel in the latest statistics and savor the details of numerous “skirmishes”, participants share their memories of the “nights past” and interesting reports, arrange mini-meetings - they share who they managed to hear and find out. I will also make my contribution to this noble cause - summing up the results. As a participant, listener and idly wandering riffokibovets.

    First dayThe conference was rich. I know this firsthand, for she arrived only on April 23. Everyone knows that the event opened with a video message from D. Medvedev, and also about how the minister walked around the exhibition. But about the fact that the dive as part of the speeches went into a brawl in the Pumbaa bar - the favorites.

    Eyewitnesses scolded the reception, but on the whole in unstable voices stated that the day was not bad. Then I arrived.))

    April 23. It became sad because at the registration they didn’t give out the dandy blue handbag of RIFoKIB. By 11 o’clock in the morning they, as explained, had already ended. Then his eyes began to pinch - the abundance of "soap" did the trick. Rambler and Mail literally captivated everything. Even on a shelf in the room, already in the evening, there was a metal box in blue-orange colors - a present from a mega-sponsor. Although this did not affect loyalty in any way: the stylish handbag from Yandex and the tangle turned out to be sweeter to the heart. In general, as predicted, the “three Runet buttons” filled the space (and claimed the brain) of web developers.

    The first section on which a person’s foot set foot (in this case mine) was “New in Runet advertising”. The event gathered more than 500 participants, and 6 speakers. About the contradictions between A. Revazov and L. Glazer can be read here . Then there was lunch, a smoke break, new and not very acquaintances, a sightseeing tour of the sections. Movements on the territory of Forest Dales were active, so the whole fragment of the speech that I happened to hear was the report of S. Kotyrev (umisoft) and D. Vasiliev (AIST). I listened. I understood that I think correctly and look at the situation in a similar way.
    I watched Sinodov for a long time: he asked so many questions, they asked him, so much he ran back and forth! Already envy takes! Therefore, with a sinking heart, opened on Monday roem.ru. What did he learn, what did he write? Hmmexpected , but the atmosphere is very accurately conveyed.

    There was a section about maps and geo services, they say, it was interesting to listen. I do not know, I have not tried it. It is known that A. Artishchev benefited from this section. Many were also waiting for speeches on partnership with the regions. I can’t say that there was a full house in the hall: during the crisis it is difficult for the regions to get out to the capital, and the capital is somehow not up to the regions, apparently.

    Another of the remarkable. At the exhibition, each time with curiosity passed the stand of the “Russian Association of Electronic Communications”. This is ROCIT’s baby, and for some reason, passing by the leather chairs located on the stand (and for some reason almost always empty), the proximity of something obscure, dangerous was felt. Paranoia? )) At the same exhibition, promo girls were wonderful: as they approached the cafe, the amount of clothes on their bodies decreased. At the entrance, we met Mail.ru girls in dresses, a little further on an unknown brand I put on slender nymphs in tight white suits with as many open spaces as possible. Well, this promo alley ended with a famous girl in blue.


    Professional habit forced to pick up a bunch of waste paper. Of the interesting promotional materials is the Gino flyer (hosting and domain registration). She is from the series "Do it yourself" - cut out, fold, get a desktop souvenir.

    Next is dinner. Well, the impressions of food in boarding houses are contradictory. Someone told stories about an “upset” stomach after a delicious dinner, and someone praised local cooks. Nevertheless, the dinner took place and the most persistent went to the "RUblevka party". Barbecue, beer, a VIP-house for representatives of blue bloods, live music (re-singing Deep Purple and something else), and then again to the Pumba bar and light up until you drop - everything is as it should be. Typical rest of IT specialists.

    The last day. Oddly enough, at 10 am the halls were full. There were many people who wanted to join the beautiful and the smart. I listened almost to the end of the section of Leonid Nikolaev about retaining existing customers. Speech by A. Terekhov (Rambler), perhaps, hooked most. After that, workdays began - colleagues arrived, we must prepare for the report, figure out the time and place ...

    People that day were more serious, or what. Smoke went out a little, mostly sat over a cup of coffee and in the halls. From creative personal she met Yaroslav Bykhovsky (Intel), he presented his collection of poems "Poetic Liberties". In fact, these are not quite poems, but a free translation into Russian of the author’s favorite songs. Here are a few lines I especially liked:

    Turn on your spy companion,
    An infrared ray will find me in the night,
    In war there is no smoke without fire,
    Captive me soon!
    You cracked my secret code, the
    virus launched - and killed the entry, I
    stole the ciphers, I forgot the password, I
    almost put it in my pants!

    Guess which song it’s translated? Well, a very incendiary, explosive motive.

    A collection of poems would have been much more pleasant if the author had not been mistaken in my name when signing the copy ...
    Toward evening, Artishchev organized an “entertaining pause” for me: he talked about his ideas and entertained with video clips. And then the X-hour came. Together with partners, we held a section. From 19.00 to 21.00. On the last day of the conference.

    Sadly carrying out large buses, taking potential listeners to faraway Moscow, we set off for the hall. Honestly, I expected the worst, but nothing worked out. People came to this dark, distant hall, asked questions, joked. We cheerfully talked about moving the business on-line, about development trends, and presented a novelty for retail stores - Infokiosk. And all would be fine if the organizers didn’t decide to accompany us: an unstable choir of aluminum structures sounded behind a thin partition. Disassembled stands, advertising structures ... in general, we were given to understand "you have sat up, dear guests."

    Actually, this is where the Joint Conference ended. A curtain. And effectively, under Tito & Tarantula (After dark), we went to the capital. Northern capital.

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