Subway sleep mask - Noriko-san


    If you managed to score a place, then in the morning you can have a great time in the subway. Read, for example, or sleep. But if in the first case you are likely to reach your destination without any problems, then what should you do in the second? Tokyo designer Pyocotan tried to solve problems with a special sleep mask - Noriko-san. While the owner is sleeping, the LEDs on the scoreboard draw in a running line the name of the station where he needs to go.
    At first glance, the device looks promising, even though the developer, as can be seen from the photo, did not particularly bother with the appearance of the device. But the problem, as it turned out, is not in the technique. The problem is in people. The first test of the Noriko-san mask failed miserably - the author overslept his station. There was not a single person in the Tokyo subway who would deign to wake a sleeping artist. However, it is assumed that the mask will be priced at 20,000 yen ($ 200).

    Here you can watch the video with the mask .


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