Startup for finding ideas for startups

    I thought about what to do in the field of software so that to make all the money would be a really useful service or program, and that's what I thought up. To find a startup idea, you need to make a website :)
    Which one?
    I think many of you have thought about the topic of a program / site / service that you could write and earn / benefit people. So, it would be great if people would somehow say what they need. For example, one of the greats of our time said (not a quote) - if you want to earn money, take up something that people simply hate to do, and sell it as a service.

    So, you need to make a site on which people can:
    - constructivelydiscuss the shortcomings of existing solutions in the field of, for example, software;
    - give practical advice on the same topic;
    - rank yourself (well, you understand - the best answer, the hottest problem, etc., etc.).

    And it’s useful for people, and for startups to help. What do you think? Or is there already something similar, but I overslept?

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