15 reasons to use Opera browsers

    1. Tomorrow browser technologies today: speed dial panel, page scaling, synchronization, tabs above the address bar and much more. The capabilities of Opera are often used in other browsers, so we are often called the R & D center of this industry.
    2. Instant navigation: with the mouse and hotkey controls, you never have to press the back button twice.
    3. All the main Opera options are already in the distribution: add-ons and extensions do not need to be downloaded separately.
    4. It's SPEED: Opera specializes in developing high-performance browsers. Our browser was already the fastest when someone else was not even born.
    5.Security: An unprecedented level of monitoring (according to Secunia) in addition to built-in protection against online fraud and malware.
    6. Synchronization: using Opera Link, bookmarks and notes created on PC, Mac and mobile browsers are always synchronized.
    7. Skill in working with tabs: Opera is a pioneer in the use of tabs (tabs) and features such as restoring closed tabs and sorting them.
    8. Speed ​​dialing: another innovation from Opera is opening your favorite web pages from the speed dial bar. Opera, unlike other browsers, allows the user to decide which sites should be in this panel and which should not.
    9.Saving tabs for later work: closing the browser, you can save tabs that can be opened automatically in the next session.
    10. Scaling: Opera offers the function of full-scale scaling of web pages, including images, which creates additional convenience on pages with small print.
    11. Filling in the forms and input fields: you will never have to type your personal information several times.
    12. Customizability: the most important feature of the Opera browser is personalization and consideration of user habits. At the same time, you can customize your browser using hundreds of configuration options and design files.
    thirteen.This is not anywhere else: downloading RSS feeds and BitTorrent files, working with e-mail - all this is in our browser.
    14. Opera community: more than 2 million members from around the world in the most useful, fun and emotional community.
    15. It is FREE!

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