Grandma online

    In LiveJournal, Artemy Lebedev saw a post - a letter from the reader , I think that it needs to be conveyed to as many IT specialists as possible, I think many will agree to help.
    Here we are in St. Petersburg, we decided to do good to pensioners-veteran-blockers - to teach them how to work on a computer, and after training to give a computer. Two classes have already been launched, and three more are in the launch phase. Already have the first graduates and handed computers.

    However, there is no funding promised by the city (“crisis, no money”), and there are sorely lacking computers. At the same time, I know, as a system administrator, that a lot of ordinary people are thrown away by monitors, system drivers, and other components after an upgrade directly to the trash, and even companies sometimes throw them in tens and hundreds.

    Therefore, I want to appeal to readers - do not throw it away! Contact us - we will pick up, sort, repair, assemble, and give :) And our wards joy and your karma will improve :)

    You can contact me (I am responsible for the equipment) in the following ways:
    During working hours, you can call (812) 575-13-73. If you do not pick up the phone, or the fax answers, you can call +7 (950) 022-56-77. E-mail: My
    name is Vladimir.
    Thanks for the help!

    Tomorrow (04/28/09) at 8:35 on Channel One (Good morning, Russia) there will be a story about grandmothers-online.

    UPD: the author is found on Habr - inskin I
    invited one more author to a habr - Xamok , welcome!

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