Desktop Fan - specifically for the 2009 World Hockey Championship!

    The project was done by a group of independent developers, more than 15 people took part in the creation - this is not counting those who simply supported, posted information on their blogs, told friends about the project.

    The application is installed on the desktop, includes: the schedule of games of the World Hockey Championship 2009, hours with Swiss time, automatically filled tournament tables, information about teams, victories and medals.

    That is - you can follow the championship without opening a browser.

    Technique: very simple HTML + AJAX technology - well-known to everyone, which in IE allows you to send a request to any site and get an answer.

    Faced with the complexity of inserting translucent design elements - here's an article on how to make transparency work in IE6

    The project is not commercial, the application is free. You can download the program from the site


    Write to the team

    Hello everyone! And cheer for our team! :)

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