Sites allowed to close without trial

    The Regional Network Information Center (Ru-Center registrar) has amended the text of the client agreement on the registration of domain names in the zones NET, COM, ORG, BIZ, INFO, CC, TV, ME. From May 4, he will be able to stop the work of sites without a court order if he considers their use illegal.

    According to clause 2.7 of the new user agreement, “domain delegation may be suspended, or the registration of a domain name may be canceled, or the domain may be transferred to another registrar” in order to “suppress illegal activities, activities harmful to third parties, as well as activities contrary to public interests, principles of humanity and morality that offend human dignity or religious feelings ”, and the registrar“ has the right to independently evaluate the activities of the Customer and for violations of the law, including in cases where the definition of such activities is not fixed by regulatory enactments. "

    As ready-made examples of illegal activities that would entail such actions by the registrar, the distribution and advertising of pornography, calls for violence, extremist activity and the overthrow of power are mentioned.

    It is worth noting that the domain registration rules in the RU zone do not allow such liberties (see clause 3.3.5), and in order to deprive the administrator of the rights to the domain, a court decision is necessary.

    But to applicants for domains in the zone. RF should prepare for many restrictions. In addition to the special registration procedure, the RU domain coordination center uses a “very strict" stop list of domain names. In addition, registration will be available only with a passport.
    The new agreement , especially clause 2.7.
    There is an opinion that it is such an agreement that they violate the regulations- in order to deprive the administrator of the rights to the domain, a court decision is necessary.
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    UPD 2: Here it was thought that in the Russian Federation there is no clear definition of “pornography” - therefore, you can interpret it as you like. However, no - Ru center is so omnipotent that it gave its definition of pornography:

    Definition of pornographic materials
    Pornographic materials or objects are recognized as print media, images, including in electronic form, films, video and sound recordings, television and radio broadcasts and other materials and objects presented on any information media, the main content of which is a crudely naturalistic detailed image of anatomical and (or) physiological details of the intimate parts of the body and sexual relations (including in a veiled form) in a form that contradicts moral standards accepted in society that do not have They are of artistic or scientific value and are aimed at inciting sensual passion.

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