A few questions about windows application interfaces

    Task : windows application (not Web! Namely window) for automating business tasks.

    I rummaged through a few articles on this subject, but recently only talk about the web ...

    Question 1 : How to highlight not nullable fields on a form?
    My IMHO : It is best to highlight the labels for the required fields, just a slightly different color. I do not like asterisks, and I am not in favor of highlighting the entire input field with some color if the user entered something incorrectly. It just seems to me that it’s easier for a person to perceive everything that is more minimalistic and less colored.

    Question 2 : how and at what point to validate and how to show errors?
    My IMHO:On the Web, all validation is done on the page with the display of incorrectly entered fields at the top of the page (well, this is usually the case) - this is understandable, no one wants to wait for extra postbacks. In Windows applications, looking at several applications - you notice that there is none - all validation occurs when you click on the Save button, and then if there are problems, Messages are displayed, moreover, messages are most often displayed one at a time (first error), and not all at once . Many say that is so simpler. So the question is, is it because it is really really simpler or so simpler for perception?

    Question 3 : Is it good to draw my windows different from all (example: Google Chrome, Adobe CS4, Skype)?
    My IMHO:I basically favor it, it happens beautifully if you have WinXP installed. And if Vista (not to mention Win7), then everything is fine there anyway. Another reason for this is attracting the eyes of users from competitive products. In Chrome, it’s indisputably very beautiful and most importantly A user-friendly interface, using their interface they made a real browser - only a window and tabs, more, really, for the user, do not need anything (that’s what he probably takes his own from (I really on FF;), but this does not have a place to talk)). Another thing, everyone is already starting to get used to windows, such as MS Office - this is what we want to do, it’s beautiful and kind of convenient, the only question is labor costs.
    In favor of a) at first, such an interface sometimes scares the user, especially Adobe CS4 - everything is somehow complicated (I don’t work with it, I don’t know how much you get used to it), the same thing with MS Office - at first it frightened me, then I got used to it I'm sure it’s easier now. b) the user is seized with the opportunity to customize windows to his liking (set your own temka).
    And yet, not everything will be tested then. Here is an example: they made the border width different from the standard one and skype is not so beautiful anymore. In general, I am waiting for a little discussion and useful tips! Thanks in advance.

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