Ural .NET User Group Meeting

    Today, April 23, 2009, a meeting of members of the Ural .NET user group was held at the faculty of math of the Ural State University (USU) . Two interesting reports on the topics were read at the meeting: “Unity Application Block - Unity Container” and “Composite Application Library”. It was very interesting, details under the cut.

    Unity Application Block Element Overview Report - Unity Container

    The first report was prepared by Stanislav Chernichkin (Clover IT, programmer). In the report, it was very peculiar about Unity : Stanislav, instead of giving an example and disassembling it, he started from the bottom, from architecture, and laid out all the internals of Unity itself and the basic Object Builder mechanisms on shelves (there’s an interesting article from acerv ). Although this approach made it possible to cover the mechanisms of the framework very deeply, it practically didn’t allow anything to be demonstrated in practice, which for many would certainly not be out of place. As a result, Stanislav showed a very deep knowledge of the topic, but I had the impression that he was not understood by everyone and not completely. And a few points were not clear to me.

    Composite application library

    If the first report lasted a couple of hours for sure, then the second was noticeably shorter. Alexey Kofman (software developer, Extensive) presented material about the Composite Application Library - a framework that allows you to implement programs with complex, modular interfaces, when, for example, various parts of such an interface are developed by various development groups. As a result, definitions of the components of the Composite Application Library were given, the mechanism of operation, advantages and disadvantages were described. Alexey demonstrated several examples, including Silverlight. This report came out shorter than the first, but more understandable and with a large number of demos of both code and running applications.


    In general, the meeting was a success. There were many participants, I did not even expect about 20-25 people. All sorts of questions were asked, there was a discussion of controversial issues, someone shared experience or made adjustments. The guys Stanislav and Alexei - well done, in my opinion, they have prepared a very interesting and relevant material.

    If this text is read by .net-developers from Yekaterinburg or the region, then join our group, it can be interesting with us.

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