Becomes Paid

Original author: Richard Jones
  • Transfer All the same, it became paid, if you remember the beginning of the story, then from the beginning they decided to make a paid subscription, but after the outrage of their blog, they changed their minds about

translating the news.

But now the crisis has become difficult and they can see it too, after entering the homepage we see such a picture

And now the translation of the blog post

Paid subscription means that will be paid outside of USA, UK and Germany, if you are outside these states you will be given the opportunity to listen to 30 tracks on the radio, then you will be offered a subscription.

In those countries, we launched a free radio, but it will be with advertising, we will also try to launch a similar one in other places.

All other functions of will work without subscription, scrolling music, recommended, charts, etc.

Upd . image

A subscription costs $ 3 per month, but pay with regret is only possible with PayPal.

Actually this news and translation belongs to IShift (troubles with karma).

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