"Pirates" spend 10 times more money on music

    Those people who download music from torrents are at the same time the most active buyers of legal content. These are the results of a study conducted by BI Norwegian School of Management. They investigated the habits of more than 1900 Internet users over 15 years of age and determined that P2P network activists buy ten times more music than ordinary users who have never visited a torrent tracker.

    Young “torrentophiles” prefer not to buy CDs and DVDs, but digital music, most often in the iTunes Store and Amazon MP3.

    Although the results may seem paradoxical, but in fact this is not the first study that confirms the great purchasing power of P2P userscompared to those who have never downloaded anything illegally.

    Representatives of media corporations have already made statements that they do not believe in the results of these studies. Thus, EMI representatives cite well-known facts that the amount of illegal content in traffic is growing, while official music sales are decreasing. From all this, they draw conclusions directly opposite to the results published by BI Norwegian. They cannot yet explain the trend by other reasons.

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