Bunker Short film script

Spread on the general court the story of the cyber-punk future. The plot is a dream, my illustrations.
I hope you will like it. Criticism, advice and farewell are very, very welcome!

The story under the cut, for those who like dystopia and futurism.


Dropped out of my thoughts in the dining room when I ate the bowl of generated muesli.

Always thinking about my dream. This rain and rainbow ... how do I know these concepts, whose image is it? Can I live or is it the memory of the one who was cloned by me? Now, more than 400 years after the End, no one knows - he is a clone, or a live-born long-liver.

Milk, carried the bowl into the sterilizer. A message came from the psionic communication, we must come to the leadership. Unidentified activity on the surface. Usually it means some kind of mutated antelope or bird.

Maybe now it turns out to examine? The radiation background is already zero, but no one knows if the world outside is dangerous for us, or will we ever be able to get out of the Bunker?

I go into the office, thinking - who is on duty today with me. Two security officials and a biologist, as usual, but who.

I am a bioengineer - one who is able to merge with the Bunker and change the code of an organic machine woven from cloned and synthesized fabrics. The biologist is an expert on the original species and mutation, it instantly distinguishes millions of species of natural animals and plants, all their processes of evolution and mixing of species in the history of being. The siloviki are repair and reagent, the guys saving us if the Bunker hull suffered or something unexpected happens and we need to urgently react. Strangely enough, among the population of our station there are very few of those who are intended for surface work. Agrarians duplicating food and the ecosystem, or the custodians of the genome, creating knowledge archives and selecting human species, make up almost 60% of the population. Siloviki - another 20%, as needed in all parts of the station. Biologists, chemists and designers - another 10%. Governors, merged by consciousness with the Bunker (its lower part), occupy the main position in making decisions on the conservation of the species and are 7-8%. And only 2-3% are engineers or bioengineers - those who are able to change the Bunker, and not support his life. We are few, and very strictly controlled - as the intervention in the structure must be calibrated and safe.

Three people are sitting in the office, the security forces are new or from another wing, and I know a biologist - a naive girl and she is still a coward. Although such an active instinct of self-preservation and an inquiring mind do her honor.

We need to climb the Veranda and check the indicators. For the past 50 years, many have been thinking about how other Bunkers live and whether there is a chance to go out once to these forests and fields. The absence of radiation as such is good, but the changed world is not.

Why did the radiation disappear so quickly and where? What caused the end and why he erased all the "human" technology of stone and iron? In the first Total Impulse, in one moment, there were no megalopolises, factories and plastics, iron robots and electric vehicles. Just erased and live as you want. Nature and animals were, man was. And any attempt to do something mechanical - erases. Organic - whether it is a hut or a book - remains.

Later, there was a second Total Impulse from outside the planet that made some people capable of a psionic connection. They began to study. At the same time, organic technologies, biogenic robots and houses were developed (since the 21st century, people have designed such systems, albeit covertly, under the influence of loyal external impulses). It turned out that you can create psion-controlled homes. So there appeared the managers of our stations and the stations themselves.

Developments for the regeneration of people allowed to "repair" and organic buildings.
Cloning as a process was a long time ago, it was difficult to debug it with the help of biological technologies. Nevertheless, a number of carbohydrates and complex polymers completely replaced concrete, steel and plastic. So the industry and the agrarian industry developed, new communities were formed. They all contacted each other with psion minds.

Genetics developed a relatively natural society with shared skills that were invested and developed. But talent for manual labor or engineering calculations did not affect character, personality and self-identification, which facilitated the perception of the changed world and preserved “humanity”.

Then there was the third total impulse from the outside. Radioactive. All the houses that existed at that time, plunged into the ground and became bunkers. The infection was terrible and massive, but the extinction did not take place. Bunkers survivors have lost the ability to live birth. Nevertheless, the developed cloning and regeneration technologies solved the problem.

What happened to the animal world - how it survived and why nobody was in a hurry to find out. How many years have passed since the last impulse, too. People just lived and explored biogenic engineering, quietly and peacefully.

Once the psiony said that one day the radiation will disappear and it will be possible to go outside. Maybe they are right, a lot of time has passed.

Yes, the radiation has disappeared. In the same year, communication with other houses was lost. They are alive or not - nobody knows.

Therefore, each exit to the Veranda is a chance for salvation, which can also be a lie, a deadly lie.

And here we go up in the elevator. Long and dreary, as always. I do not like this elevator shaft - it’s like the throat of a huge pterodactyl - smooth and wet, endless. And there Bunker looks like this flying dinosaur. Everyone knows that you can take off, but you must first get out of the ground.

The veranda is divided into two sections - the inner one, under the dome, where the elevator is located, the laboratory and the rest room, and the outer one, where there is nothing between the canopy and the platform. It separates their force field, which at all times has protected the bunker from radiation, creatures and any external influence. It also cleans everything that passes through, if the damage is reversible. The veranda bionic body consists entirely of sensors, which preserve the picture, the indicators of the sensors and the perception of the environment. So being in the laboratory, you can track everything from outside.

Sometimes I indulge and, when the others are in the rest room, I merge with the wall of the laboratory. I make it transparent. And look at the nature outside. Fascinating.

Now activity was above the norm - thermal sensors showed about 30 individuals outside. They went around the bunker in a circle, as if examining the walls.

  • Humanoids, the biologist said.
  • People or mutagens of monkeys? - asked reagent.
  • I do not know, is not visible. There may be catheads.

I looked through the indicators of the sensors and was surprised - the activity is collective, like in humans, but the movements are really similar to catheads, too smooth and fast at the same time. And the picture - motley leaves or feathers ... masking or mutated skin?

Looking at the others, I spliced ​​my left palm against the wall and dissolved the walls - for myself I called the regime “transparency”. The day was surprisingly sunny and warm. Clear sky, clear clouds and thickets in lush green tones.

We began to see that we are surrounded. Really surrounded by a pack. But she showed no aggression. As archaeologists, they roamed and looked at the boundaries of our refuge. Here one went to the force field. Until we wish, we will not be seen beyond the field. Just a mirror.

It did not display! There is a thermal imager, but not in front of us. His whole flock went into the bushes in front of our Veranda. No one is visible, only tangible.

The reagent grunted. In a whisper, said it looked like hunting or intelligence. And I did not feel the danger, on the contrary - as a surprise on my birthday. Strange.

The security forces dragged us into the elevator to escape. Managers will decide what to do, and we will be safe. The elevator went down. In such situations there is a regulation obliging a biologist and an engineer to subordinate to law enforcement officers.

But something clicked in me and I put my hand on the wall of the elevator. Sraslas. The elevator went up to where the "ambush". Having risen, I approached the force field.

The sensors showed that there was no radiation, there were no animals in the foreseeable radius, only birds on the tops of the trees at a safe distance. And then the one that stood at the barrier appeared. It was a man. The real man in camouflage clothing, clearly different from our technology. Apparently, from another bunker. Smiling and surprised.

Analysis has shown that it is non-radioactive and non-mutated. According to the state of the organism, 20 years outside the Bunker, since for so long there was not a single regeneration procedure.

The biologist, cautiously approached the lab screens, had just whispered some indicators of DNA, different from ours, to determine the location of his former Bunker.
The reagent was only going to say something, how something happened that I cannot explain.

Rain is coming. Not just some rain, but the one that I dreamed of. A ray of sun struck the eyes through the streams of rain, and a rainbow began to play on the leaves of the bush. Pure and real rainbow. The way I remember it. And his laugh. That guy that stands on our doorstep. That's what a distant ringing I heard in a dream.

Having obeyed a rush that was incompatible with the Bunker regulations, I jumped out of the force field. Still on the Veranda, but on the other side. Face to face.

Spliced ​​a leg with a floor and carried out the analysis. How are we really different - me and him? Is there something in me that will not allow to adapt from the outside, as he did? The analysis showed that there is no difference. That we can also go out.

Just in case, I touched the force field. Will it let me back? Admitted. This means that I can be both outside and inside.

Behind the reagent shouted that the analysis means that they can get to us and this is an emergency. But what was happening behind me didn’t touch me. And the guy too. I only saw rain.

Coming out from under the canopy, under the sun and rain, I just began to ride across the meadow. Then other people came to the Veranda. The ones that were in the bushes. Everyone laughed and danced in the rain. so changed the world. And I.

That rain forever became for me a feeling of happiness. Euphoria.

Sleep from 01/18/2017

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