Communicators and unofficial firmware

    So, it all started with the fact that I bought a glofiish x650, instead of the annoyed Nokia N91, I still couldn’t get it high, it slowed down, a friend from the SC said that the model was not successful and advised x900, listened to a friend and changed x650 on x900, and again a bummer, it worked of course quickly, but with a bunch of artifacts, it didn’t help that I demanded a replacement, I sold x900 to a friend for 10 tr because they gave me HTC 4g MAX to maintain morale in connection with the dismissal, I've been using it for a couple of months now.

    I was immensely happy when they handed me the box, but the happiness was not long. The device meets all the declared parameters, but it upset me that Maxik worked as a manual brake = (. The situation has not changed much since the last official firmware was installed, although it became faster.
    The guys from the well-known resource helped out. I found the firmware on the forum, it was listed as unofficial, and I decided that it definitely won’t get any worse. I read the detailed FAQ about the flashing, downloaded everything I needed (flasher, hard spl, and the firmware itself) and proceeded with the installation.
    Everything went smoothly, and after Hard Reset, I started using the device to its fullest. The brakes disappeared, there is so much memory in the device, but with the firmware it turned out that even with the running TOCHflow 3d, the occupied memory is 40%. Everything works without problems! I advised friends of firmware for their devices, just finding them on the Internet.
    And I decided to write this article yesterday, after I asked my friend Glofiish x900 for an unofficial firmware, also found on a resource dedicated to sim devices, to a friend I sold to him. A friend has already thanked me 6 times =), it looks like the device is flying!
    Although in fact, this Thank you belongs not to me, but to the enthusiasts who create these firmware.
    All manufacturers have so-called fan clubs or unofficial sites on which, in addition to many useful programs and device chips, you can also find unofficial (custom) firmware. My experience in flashing my own and other people's phones suggests that such firmware is much more productive than those installed by default. They are licked by the authors much more meticulously than manufacturers, who, as I understand it, put all their efforts into developing new and new devices = (

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