Speed ​​Up Firefox Launch

    As you know, a person gets used to almost everything, including inconvenience. Personally, I have long been annoyed by the time interval between clicking on the Firefox shortcut and the appearance of His Fox, but I put up with it. However, today the stars have become so that the decision accidentally fell into my hands.

    Changing the Windows Media Player shortcut icon, I noticed the / prefetch: 1 switch and gave myself a mental kick. After all, you could have guessed about such a thing as Windows Prefetcher before .

    So, we just need something:
    1. Find the shortcut with which the application is launched and open its properties.
    2. By the way add a key / prefetch: 1 (example: "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" /prefetch:1)
    3. Click OK and start Firefox.

    From now on, it will start faster.

    UPD: Nevertheless, the prefetter reassured me for a while, because this was a placebo acceleration effect proved insufficient. Having twisted N foreign sites through Google, I found only one adequate and really effective solution - disabling add-ons.
    For example, disabling FlashGot and Live HTTP headers gave me a whole second of precious time. So for those who are concerned about this problem, I strongly recommend that you think about the list of add-ons and disable at least those that are used occasionally.

    UPD2: “OS monitors the / prefetch option : #when creating a process, however, it has one (and only one) goal - to add a number to the hash. What for? WMP is a multi-purpose application that can do many things. The DLLs and the code that it uses will be different when playing WMV and DVD, and if the hash was the same for all possible options, then the prefetch file would be correct for only one of them. [...] In general, any program can use this parameter to create various prefetch files for various needs, but it doesn’t do this except WMP. " © Ryan Myers, original

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