Four Year Progress

    It so happened in life that at the next round of my career I am now doing almost exactly the same thing as I did four years ago. Yesterday, for a moment distracted from the daily bustle of work, he suddenly realized how much better everything had become over the past four years.

    Everyone around is talking on cell phones, not really worrying about the minutes spent. Half of the people around have two mobile phones - personal and corporate. Yes, and the mobile phones themselves are not the same as several years ago. Four years ago, if you remember, there were no more people with pagers, but they still hung up on the 5th second and we chose the appropriate tariff carefully and with a calculator in hand.
    Today I have bold and unlimited Internet access everywhere, at home, at work.
    Computers have become noticeably more powerful. Four years ago, a 2GHz Pentium with 1GB of RAM was considered a very good computer, and dual-core processors then, we can assume that it was not. Now I have a laptop in all respects noticeably more powerful than the then workstation.
    Four years ago, there were almost no LCD monitors, all the more large, especially two pieces per workstation.
    Windows and Linux have become noticeably more stable and convenient. Oracle and MS SQL are also noticeably more stable.
    Previously, working with vmware was a necessary torment, but now it hardly reduces its own productivity - primarily due to dual-core processors and a much larger amount of RAM. Yes, and about the possibility of creating a snapshot in a couple of minutes or rolling back to the previous one, one could only dream of four years ago.
    Development environments and all kinds of tools have become much more convenient. Generics appeared in Java, and almost everyone believed that it was only a matter of time before the GWT completely replaced the JSP.
    The Documentum platform, with which most of my work is associated, has changed for the better in all respects in four years, and has changed a lot. And if four years ago we, with Russian technical support of documentum, instead of merging in synergistic ecstasy, as the platform vendor and the developer of solutions for this platform are supposed to, often spoiled each other’s nerves, now technical support works like a well-functioning mechanism (honor and praise to all those who achieved this).
    Outside of those directly related to work, a lot of things also improved - I was not going to write about it. However, I can’t ignore the fact that I now drive a cityguide by car, and my medical insurance (this was not four years ago) makes communicating with medical organizations no more difficult than going to the store.
    What do you think, after how many years we will say "it was at a time when most programs were desktop?"
    PS. Very recently I ran through the topic of the movie .

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