"Admin" is different

    I looked through many admin panels ... in one this is good, and in the other it ... but which is better or how to make a super admin?

    My admin requirements:
    • simplicity
    • functionality
    • convenience
    • beauty

    It seems to be nothing superfluous and complicated, but there is no ideal option (

    Consider some solutions:

    1. The concept of admin panel in symfony 1.2


    Everything is very beautiful, simple, but just a concept ... in real life, everything does not look like this :-)

    2. CMS Catapulta admin panel


    Everything seems to be beautiful, but something was wrong ... I didn’t use the system and I don’t know how it works.

    3. CMF Energine Admin Panel


    It is very convenient that many actions on the text are carried out directly on the page ... but there are minuses: texts and admin. panel divided.

    There are many more solutions, of course, but everyone has drawbacks ...

    I have many questions about the admin area in order to improve it. Can you help answer them?

    What do you use?
    What does your admin panel look like?
    What is your admin address?
    What do you miss in your admin area?

    I'd like to see the admin for some reason. panel of the site developed in the studio of Artemy Lebedev. If anyone is a client of his studio, please share a screenshot (you can soap).

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