We put Perl on Apache, running on Windows.

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    lack of normal installation documentation in Russian prompted me to write this article. Moreover, judging by the Internet forums, there are not a few who want to try Perl, but for some reason not one other forum had a normal answer on how to attach your Windows web server to Perl.

    1. I believe that you have already installed Apache 2.2.11. If not installed, then you can put WAMP www.wampserver.com/en
    2. Download ActivePerl- You need to download this version, not 5.10, because for version 5.10 there is no mod_perl in the repository.
    3. We put mod_perl from the repository, for this we execute from the command line: ppm install theoryx5.uwinnipeg.ca/ppms/mod_perl.ppd
    4. There will be only one question during installation, “Where should mod_perl.so be placed? [D: / Apache2 / modules] ”The path to the“ modules ”folder should be specified (I have D: \ wamp \ bin \ apache \ Apache2.2.11 \ modules \)
    5. After installing mod_perl, manually configure Apache.
      1. We connect perl, for this, after the last LoadModule, add:
        #Enable mod_perl
        LoadFile "C:/Perl/bin/perl58.dll"
        LoadModule perl_module modules/mod_perl.so
        PerlResponseHandler ModPerl::Registry
        PerlOptions +ParseHeaders

      2. I don’t like the official recommendation to create a separate directory for perl scripts and hang SetHandler perl-script on it, but hang SetHandler on the root directory of the Web server is also not comme il faut. this will kill the php interpreter. I suggest doing as I associate the pl extension with perl-script. To do this, just add the line: AddType perl-script .pl. And allow the execution of cgi in the root directory. To do this, inside the node add Options + ExecCGI
      3. Well, not for the amateur, if you really want the perl scripts to behave like php ones, to bring DirectoryIndex to this form: DirectoryIndex index.pl index.php index.php3 index.html index.htm

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