25-year-old Englishman dies playing Wellness Run on Wii

    A healthy 25-year-old man crashed and died in front of his girlfriend and best friend during the Wii Fit game.

    Nothing foreshadowed the tragedy. Tim returned from Portugal, where he celebrated his mother’s 50th birthday. Shortly before the game, he talked with her on the phone - he told her that he ordered kebab and was sitting with a glass of port.

    An autopsy was performed, but the cause of death remains to be determined. The family was told that he died from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, also known as Arrhythmia Sudden Death Syndrome, which is a violation of the electrical system of the heart.

    The conditions for the manifestation of this syndrome is an abnormal heart rhythm. The heart can stop pumping blood, causing the brain to be deprived of blood and sudden death.

    All would be fine, but we in the office decided to chip in this Wii, so that from time to time we get distracted from work and move a little. I must say right away that options with darts / billiards / table tennis were considered and do not fit. I do not think that this news will scare us away, but it will make us think ...

    It is also interesting how the public and the media will turn this news. It seems like harm to computer games, but on the other hand, the game is not entirely computer, but very sports ... Moreover , the Change4Life

    campaign is now taking place in the UK , with the slogan "Eat better." Move more. You’ll live longer. ”Here is a video that reflects the essence of the campaign:

    The video reminds you - who, if not us, the computer fraternity, really needs to move more and eat right.

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