Happy Birthday Mount “F”


    This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the mount for photo optics type “F”, introduced by Nikon. Largely due to this simple mechanism, SLR cameras came into the mainstream, displacing cheaper and sometimes no less convenient counterparts. In fact, today the owner of the Nikon camera can use any lens released 50 years ago - long before the manufacture of the digital mirror itself.

    Any experienced photographer will tell you that “glass” is perhaps the most important part of any camera, and Nikon has always had a good understanding of its professional buyers. The only surprise is that on such a significant date, the company did not come up with any surprise for its fans, like re-issuing some old-school retro camera (like the F series, in the picture) with the D700 filling. The story should be sexy and attractive, so it’s likely that by the end of the year a model will be released that at the same time pays tribute to the story and drives all Nikon’s frenzy.

    Nikon via Gizmodo

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