Another tale about how relatively megafon relatively honestly takes money

    upd: I specify: this is not a complaint, but a warning article, check your details.

    It was evening, there was nothing to do. I sat on the couch, did not touch anyone. On the phone (which I have only for calls and distribution of the Internet) comes a couple of text messages with a difference of 2 minutes. Overcoming laziness, I got up from the couch, went to the phone and turned on the screen. From what I saw I fell into a stupor.

    Treacherously and without a declaration of war at 20:22 local time, I received a text message from number 5151: "The Gamifive Player Club subscription is framed. Subscription management: ". The following text message was received from the number 5591 at 20:24 with the content "Welcomes you to the gamifive gaming club! Hundreds of exciting games for your enjoyment! Play without stopping. Just go to Password for authorization: <password of 4 digits> Questions arise - call 88005054081 (toll-free) . "

    Waking up from what I read, I began to think: no, I'm not drunk, no, I'm not stoned, no, no one was next to me, and the phone lay peacefully on the window and caught 3G. Nobody touched him at this time. And then I realized - they steal money from me relatively honestly. So here is a simple way. First of all, I unsubscribed from the imposed service and got into my personal account. The expenses eloquently shone 15 rubles for "content services".

    15 rubles, of course, is not even a dollar, but a matter of principle. And if I had not noticed? And if it was a child’s phone or a mother-in-law? After all, they would additionally charge 5 or more rubles a day in addition to the subscription fee. And I decided to contact the support via chat. I think I have the right to publish it here (I apologize for the emotions that I have shown it, but you know, from such insolence, either speechless is lost, or extreme indignation arises with increasing eloquence).

    Personally, I draw such conclusions from the dialogue:

    1. The fact that money for a content service is returned without question can only mean one thing: the problem is massive.
    2. Megaphone is not particularly struggling with fraudsters, because if I hadn’t insisted, the money would have been returned quietly and no one would have figured out why I had been signed to a service that I don’t need without my knowledge. Do not be surprised if in seven days I receive a formal reply in the spirit of "a fool himself."

    Now imagine how many people will not turn into Megaphone, just not noticing the SMS, and not really checking your account. And even more annoying in this situation you know what? The fact that the ban on paid content can be set only for 90 days. What kind of nonsense, MegaFon ? I understand that lately it has become more and more difficult to earn money on mobile communication, but this is no reason to steal so brazenly and shamelessly that it is relatively honest to write off money from an account.

    PS I confess honestly, before, seeing such posts, I thought that the people themselves were to blame, they didn’t go to those sites, poked in the wrong place, and so on. etc. And now, having got into the same situation, I realized that I was greatly mistaken. I send mental apologies to those whom I unfairly disbelieved.

    Tips to avoid problems:
    It is necessary to connect not a ban on paid content, but the “Content Account” service — they are connected on demand to technical support.

    Dzp :
    It is necessary to edit the hosts on the computer that accepts the Internet from your phone right now.

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