Podgames Weekly # 20

    The theme of the issue was the issue of piracy. For an entire hour, we managed to cover quite a few aspects of this problem and several materials (links in showcases) on this topic.
    • Piracy as a side effect of the industry.
    • The cost of the game. How the price of pirated and licensed discs is formed.
    • Piracy offline and online. The motives of the pirates.
    • The reasons for the strong spread of piracy are precisely in Russia and on the PC gaming market in particular.
    • The fight against piracy. The position of the state, demonstration courts, defense technologies.
    • Portrait of an average Russian gamer ( Gameland study ). Gamers Bill of Rights .
    • Online game piracy, unlicensed MMORPG servers.
    • Sales charts of Europe and the USA. The future of PC as a gaming platform, and how this future will affect piracy (based on an article by Sergey Galenkin).
    • The ratio of piracy on PC and consoles.
    • Russian sales charts for January 2009. What Russian gamers vote for in money.

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