VR - Issue # 41

    - The rise in price of domains
    - Hosting and legitimacy of content
    - Internet users will be judged for storing “pirated” content
    - FAS created an IT council
    - Putin: Internet in Russia will remain an absolutely free source of information
    - D. Medvedev considers the speed of Internet access within the national project insufficient "Education"
    - the FAS against the Windows: "antimonopoly" check the largest computer manufacturers in the integrity
    - the Ministry of Communications: service providers should not be held responsible for the content
    - the Ministry of Communications offers Red Hat hundred udnichestvo
    - domestic free software
    - Wikipedia changes the approach to editing articles
    - Japan: a high-tech industry is on the verge of collapse
    - Google will teach you to distinguish tabular data
    - Google suggests wandering around the oceans
    - The first working system of quantum holographic data storage has been created
    - Times: the .tel domain will become a virtual phone book
    - Skype: the most significant update in history
    - Google buries ICQ. Step-by-step instructions
    - Snatch!
    - A nine-year-old boy wrote an application for the iPhone
    - Google penetrated the body
    - French Navy fighters could not take off due to a computer virus
    - Hackers hacked into the Kaspersky Lab’s US site
    - Microsoft offers users to upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7 for free
    - Cuba presents the state-owned Linux distribution Nova + a short interview
    - Yandex.Answers - Yandex's new experimental service
    - Opera promises to speed up the Internet and save traffic
    - Debian 5.0 Lenny
    - Foldable Bluetooth keyboard for mobile devices
    - HTC Touch Cruise 09 will always help you in the way
    - Gravitonus Workstation game station
    - Frankness about game consoles
    - Spy lighter
    - Coffee printer
    - 5 in 1 spy pen: audio, video, webcam, 2GB flash drive and pen itself
    - Alarm clock for sappers
    - USB flash drive, opening boot ylki
    - Anti-crisis start-ups: Buyer, Sell Me and Buyer

    Mega-composition of the hosts: unclesocky & SLenik & barsik

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