Information dossier - social "press portraits" of Inforotor

    We are presenting our 5 kopecks to the piggy bank of Runet's factual services: Information file . We, like many others, is not interesting to do something that someone has already done, so our "press-portraits" bear little resemblance to similar projects by name :-)

    What is it?
    Firstly, we get data not only about persons , but also about companies .
    Secondly, companies are grouped by type of activity, and persons by profession.
    Third, all facts are structured by type.
    Fourth, you can vote for any quote, action, resignation, appointment, official document.
    Fifthly, it is possible to vote for the newsmakers themselves, defining their “karma”.

    Based on the voting, a “social rating” of each object is compiled. And according to the number of references, a reference rating is built. Both ratings are available for both individuals and companies.

    The service is still in beta, so do not pay attention to some bugs :-)

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