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    imageWell, the time has come to create an official YouDo representative office on Habré, which means it’s time to tell us more about our startup in general, plans for the future, the most important events and news of the resource.

    By all the rules of blogging, the first post should be a review, so just, with due modesty, I will introduce myself to you on behalf of our entire team.

    We YouDo is the first project in the world where you can formulate any ideas and tasks that then millions of Internet users can try to solve and make money on it.

    In order not to be unfounded, but you better understand the whole feature of our resource, I suggest watching this fun video about us:

    From today we opened registration, which until then was available only through invites and special links. Therefore, you are welcome, register, test, communicate, participate in contests, promotions and many more verbs you can write what you can do there;)

    The site is gaining more and more momentum, new tasks arise every day, to which various interesting decisions are added. You can verify this by registering with us or just look externally on the life of the resource.

    There are a lot of ideas and ideas related to adding new functionality, as well as further development.Napoleonic plans, but very soon they will come true. Indeed, in any business, the most important thing is fresh and interesting ideas, as well as the opportunity to implement them. It’s good that we already have all this!

    And so, let me remind you again that we can offer you on YouDo. Just imagine:
    —You can pose absolutely any task to the entire Internet, except for cases provided for by the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.
    —Performance of a task may be paid (paid), or it may not (free). The customer must pay (it's you). If the task is not completed by anyone, we will refund the customer.
    —A free task is announced as a competition, you can participate in it as many times as you like, any new solution can be chosen as the winner. We thought it was so much more fun.

    To earn money:
    - If you see a paid task and there is some amount next to it, know that we already have this amount and we will give it to you. If you, of course, have fulfilled all the conditions of the assignment.
    - If you do not agree with the choice of a winner, then this decision can be challenged in the system of the Most Honest in the World of Arbitration, which includes the Most Honest Judges, so everything is serious with us. Well, you get the point.
    “We don’t charge commissions from this whole procedure, we just like the process.”

    Set records:
    —A record is a free and long-term task, because a record can be heroically broken at any moment.
    —You can beat yourself, as well as the one who has broken your previously broken record. In general, it can be quite a self-sufficient activity - setting a YouDo record.

    We are always open for communication, cooperation and any partnership offers. And we will also be happy to make friends with you within the framework of Habr, so join our blog, register on the site and join the fun YouDo community of creative and active people.

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